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Importance of drinking water

Water is the most common drink in the world. It is how we get most of the fluid we need every day. As recommended by most physicians, drinking sufficient water is a key to good health and those with an active lifestyle should drink even more.

Why Aquapur

Not all water is good for you. Water contaminated with chemicals, heavy metals, and microorganisms can make you sick or even lead to cancer. This is why you need Aquapur, the smart water dispenser that provides the highest quality water while keeping track of your water intake!

Keeps water fresh with UV-C

Aquapur keeps the water inside it safe with a UV-C system. UV-C has been proven to eliminate and prevent microorganisms such as fungi from forming. By operating several times a day, the water will stay fresh in case you haven’t used it up yet.

Remove all harms from water

Inside each dispenser is a high-performance water filter, designed to remove toxic chemicals, heavy metal residues, plastic particles and excessive minerals from the water passing through. The filter can filter a full tank of water in seconds and last up to 4 months from regularly use.

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High-performance Water Filter

heating tube

Instant Heating Tube


UVC Light

Dosing Light

Dosing Light

Heat up water instantly

Water will pour into your cup at the exact temperature you have selected. An Instantaneous Water Heater (IWH) warms up the water the moment it pours through the tip. You can select from room temperature, 45°C, 75°C to ~100°C at any time without preheating. This design also consumes less electricity than constant-heated water dispensers.

Perfect refill with Personal Tag ID

Fill up every cup, glass, bowl or bottle perfectly to the top every time. Personal Tag ID remembers the capacity of each vessel and fills it up near the top. All you need to do is to attach one of the personal tags we have included to the cup! You will not need to worry about getting burnt by overflowing hot water.